Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I have arrived!

I knew it was coming, but I wasn't sure when.  Today's the day.  The misinformed and misguided person hiding behind the blogger name Kaylee Lee gave me my Official Welcome  to the world of International Adoption... my first nasty blog comment.

Along with all of the great things social media provides, it also affords a spine to those who most likely lack one in face-to-face communication.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel the day this happened; I've witnessed it several times on other Reece's Rainbow families' blogs.  The remarks can be cutting and often not only directed toward the International Adoption process, but also the child's diagnosis of Ds.  I can honestly say I'm not at all angry... I'm actually sort of thankful.  This one comment posted by "Kaylee Lee" in hate has made me feel more like my little boy's Mama than anything else in our process to date.

In closing, I'm reminded of something I read earlier this morning:
             "Hurt people hurt people. But forgiven people are forgiving people and loved people are loving people."

I'm sorry Kaylee Lee for all of the hurt you've had to endure in life to bring you to this point.


  1. You are gracious...I'm still struggling with wanting to hunt her down and shake some sense into her. You're right, must be a bitter unloved person, but the hatred in her comment is just awful...and just makes me realize WHY there are so many orphans. People really are evil at the core.

  2. Carla, just continue to keep your focus on the end result. To bring home your little one. You will come across many people (and situations) like this on your adoption journey. Keep your faith, love, and determination and all will work out.

    God bless your family,