Friday, April 27, 2012

No news is...

... no news.  Frankly, it's not good or bad, it's just no news.

The judge probably received our paperwork sometime between Wednesday and today.  The family who hand-carried our documents had court yesterday, so that would (rightly) take precedent in the in-country staff's schedule this week.  I imagine our documents were probably delivered yesterday, but I can't be sure.  The judge now has 10 days to review our documents and either a.) request more information or b.) issue a court date.  We're hoping for the latter.

Our boys CAN.  NOT. WAIT. for us to travel again.  They are in a perpetual state of planning on what they'll do while visiting Grandma and Pappy.  Their entire days of play are now devoted to anything involving airplanes and helicopters.  4y.o. is continually spouting off terms like "routine security check".  I think the most heart-wrenching thing, though, is when he brings me the coins he's collected and offers to help pay for his trip to Grandma and Pappy's.  He's convinced that the reason we're not traveling now is because we don't have enough $ to pay for it.  Oh Dear Judge, pleeeease issue us a date soon.  This Momma's heart can't take much more of his sad eyes and pleading voice.

[On a side note, I heard that the family passed court yesterday, so if you're keeping count... one less child went to bed as an orphan last night!]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Judge's request... done!

Well, we heard from the judge.  Not actually from the judge herself,  but from our agency... who heard from the in-country staff... who heard from the region's representative (aka. facilitator)... who heard from the judge.
She reviewed our court documents and only has one request.  She would like our court application to be amended to further explain why we think we can parent a child with Down syndrome.

We added a few paragraphs about our work as counselors at a Special Needs Camp, our careers and education as Physical Therapists, adoption education requirements we've completed, etc. and sent it off to be apostilled last night.

Now we're praying that the Secretary of State's office does same-day service.  This time we paid for 'Expedited Processing'.  The lady I talked to yesterday said they have been running behind due to recent understaffing and we'd have to expedited it in order to even have a chance at same-day service.
If the completed documents can get to our agency on Thursday-- or maybe  Friday-- then they can be hand-carried by a family traveling to the region for court.  This option would save at least a week and the documents could be translated and in the judges hands by Wednesday.  She then has 10 days to review the documents and (we're hoping) issue a court date.

The family traveling Saturday had a 5 week notice for their court date.  If that's the case with us, we'll travel in June.  Who knows what will happen though.  The judge just might be anxious to meet the family who is actually choosing to adopt a child with Down syndrome.  (To our knowledge, we're the first family adopting a Ds child in her court.)

So that's where we're at right now.  We're thankful that the judge only had one request and that it could be completed the same day.
This morning our boys made "a bed for   (insert Little Dude's name) "  in their bedroom.  It amounted to a sleeping bag on their bedroom floor, but hey, it's thought that counts.  These 2 little guys cannot wait to get their brother home!

*Disclaimer/explanation:  I don't think the judge's questioning is meant negatively.  Adopting a child with Ds is not common in her country and she just wants to make sure we're going into it with our eyes wide open.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Drumroll please...

The winner of our Shawl Giveaway was drawn by my handsome assistant.
He took his duties very seriously.

And the winner is........................................................

Theresa !!!

Theresa, my first college roommate, has been a huge encourager during our adoption process.  Actually, I'd credit her for making me believe that we really could  adopt.  (She's excellent at making you believe you can do something, but that's a whole other story.)

Three years ago I was telling Theresa about the book I was reading on adoption.  When all of a sudden, through the phone came "YOU'RE GONNA DO IT !  YOU'RE REALLY GONNA DO IT !"  (Did I mention she tends to be a little passionate about things?)

I remember that day as being the first day I really believed that adopting may be more than some crazy idea I had... that it actually just. might. happen. 
Sure, Dave and I had talked about it, but it always seemed 'in the future'.  That little kick-in-the-pants by Theresa propelled me into starting to investigate what we're need to do to adopt and talk more seriously with Dave about it.

Theresa made the first donation to our FSP (thanks for getting rid of the zeros!),  she wore her t-shirt on World Down Syndrome Day, and I know she'll be the one cheering the loudest when we get off the plane with Our Little Dude.

Congrats T.

***Many thanks to all who entered!***

Friday, April 6, 2012

We're Famous !!!

Okay, maybe famous isn't quite the truth... but we did make it as Sarah's Faithful Friday post.  Sarah is Orphan Advocate Extraordinaire.  She is a teen making a difference.

Sarah and her best friend, Rachel, raise money for orphans.  They use their crocheting and sewing talents to make items to sell via their blog as well as at Craft Fairs.

Sarah has computer skills that have saved me on more than one occassion.  If there's something I don't understand about my blog, she's there to answer my email's cry for help.  She is also the designer behind our Prayer Cards.

The crazy thing of it all is that Sarah and I have never actually met.  One of these days I'm going to make the 2 hour trek to her neck of the woods.  I'm sure that will happen once our Little Dude is home, if not before.

Sarah is Big Sister to 2 chromosomally blessed little brothers (both adopted from Ukraine).  There are also two other Ds adoptive families at her church who recently brought home their little boys (one from China, the other from Ukraine).  I had the pleasure of following their journeys via their blogs.

Hop over and check out Sarah's personal blog or her fundraising blog.  Offer a word or encouragement and maybe purchase an item.  Their busy little fingers have raised over $1,300 toward Lilly's adoption grant.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last Call !

The clock is ticking.  The final countdown to our giveaway has begun.  However, its not too late to get in on the action and take your chance a winning the shawl.

You have 4 ways of entering (for a total of 5 entries into the drawing):
1.  Donate to our Reece's Rainbow adoption grant.  (worth 2 entires in the drawing)
2.  Share our Just Love Coffee fundraiser on your Facebook page.
3.  Share our Adoption Bug fundraiser on your Facebook page.
4.  Share a Reece's Rainbow waiting child on your Facebook page.
(each worth 1 entry)

I have a list of our donors and share-ers, but if you do so in the next 2 days, please email me at so I can be sure to add your name to the pot.  The winner will be drawn on Easter.
Thanks for your support!