Friday, April 27, 2012

No news is...

... no news.  Frankly, it's not good or bad, it's just no news.

The judge probably received our paperwork sometime between Wednesday and today.  The family who hand-carried our documents had court yesterday, so that would (rightly) take precedent in the in-country staff's schedule this week.  I imagine our documents were probably delivered yesterday, but I can't be sure.  The judge now has 10 days to review our documents and either a.) request more information or b.) issue a court date.  We're hoping for the latter.

Our boys CAN.  NOT. WAIT. for us to travel again.  They are in a perpetual state of planning on what they'll do while visiting Grandma and Pappy.  Their entire days of play are now devoted to anything involving airplanes and helicopters.  4y.o. is continually spouting off terms like "routine security check".  I think the most heart-wrenching thing, though, is when he brings me the coins he's collected and offers to help pay for his trip to Grandma and Pappy's.  He's convinced that the reason we're not traveling now is because we don't have enough $ to pay for it.  Oh Dear Judge, pleeeease issue us a date soon.  This Momma's heart can't take much more of his sad eyes and pleading voice.

[On a side note, I heard that the family passed court yesterday, so if you're keeping count... one less child went to bed as an orphan last night!]

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  1. praying along with you that a date is issued soooooon!