Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Mall, Aldi, and a Big White Van

A trip to my favorite grocery store has me once again thinking...

Our town has the benefit of a wonderful 'Day Program' for adults with mental and physical disabilites.  It's not unusual to pull into the parking lot of a local business and see a handicap accessible van.  It's common to see men and women walk or roll their way around our tiny mall, getting their daily exercise.  Often they are checking items off of their grocery list as they fill their cart and learn the Life Skills of budgeting and nutrition.

These men and women go about their daily tasks much like anyone else... save for one thing.  In an attempt to not make these individuals feel "different" or call attention to them, we have, in fact, alienated them.

Have we really tipped the scales the other way?

There are no stares... but neither is there the eye contact and friendly "Hello" so often exchanged in our small town.
I think, perhaps, these individuals have come to accept this as the norm.  For years I've tried to at least acknowledge if not engage them when our paths cross.  And you know what?... it's difficult.  Rarely do I find a man or woman who looks to me expecting this type of common courtesy.

So the next time you see a RCS van unloading, please do this Mommy a favor.  Make eye contact.  Offer a warm hello and a smile.  Because one day, the young man getting out of the van just might be my son.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Posse

I want to tell you about a group of friends.  They've affectionately become known as "Our Posse" (Dave's doing).  I was really torn about publicly sharing about these friends before now, but since Dave outted them Sunday evening at our church's Body Life Update, I guess I'll blog.

[On a side note, our church has semi-annual Body Life Updates.  During this time, people are asked to share how God's been working and how they have been ministered to within our church body.  Pastor Jon asked us to share and we agreed that we would be remiss if we didn't take time to publicly acknowledge God working and ministering to us via Our Posse.]

My reluctance in sharing before now has to do with this.  I have treasured the intimacy with this group and tucked it's richness into the depths of my heart, only to pull it out and remember at "just the right times".

So here's the deal:
The Thursday before we left for court, a group friends-- those closest to us as we wade through the adoption waters-- gathered for pizza and prayer at our friends Marc and Kim's house.
I struggle to put that evening into words... sweet. intimate. deep.  These friends prayed with far more insight and awareness than I thought possible.  At the time, we had no idea the far-reaching effects of their petitions.  That is, until we walked into court one week later...

On Thursday, May 24, we stepped into the courtroom with the full confidence we had been not only been covered, but saturated with prayer.  As the judge took his seat at the bench, I had to supress a smile; I had visions the judge sitting there, surrounded by Our Posse.

"Our Posse"

This group... this menagerie of friends... all united in praying home one very special little boy... our boy... our son.  As I look at this photo and reflect on each one present, the tears flow freely.  God, in His sovereignty, has woven together the details.  Our paths and lives that have intersected "for such a time as this".  How?  I don't know.  My only answer:  But God... 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Ironman for Orphans

There's this guy.  I'll call him Brady.  Brady just hauled his butt 140 miles to hear what every triathlete dreams of hearing... those 6 magical words...

"Brady Murray, YOU are an Ironman !"

Now is your chance to support him.  Brady is racing to raise awareness for Reece's Rainbow and Orphans with Down syndrome.  By voting for his video, you can give him the chance to race the Ironman World Championship on October 13, 2012 in Hawaii.
Hop over to his video.  Take a minute and a half of your time to watch his story and vote.  Round 1 voting continues through June 18.  Vote as many times as you'd like (just click the 'refresh' button and vote again!).
This guy is swimming, biking, and running countless miles each week as he trains.  Surely you can click your mouse a few times and help punch his ticket to Kona.  Thanks.