Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Ironman for Orphans

There's this guy.  I'll call him Brady.  Brady just hauled his butt 140 miles to hear what every triathlete dreams of hearing... those 6 magical words...

"Brady Murray, YOU are an Ironman !"

Now is your chance to support him.  Brady is racing to raise awareness for Reece's Rainbow and Orphans with Down syndrome.  By voting for his video, you can give him the chance to race the Ironman World Championship on October 13, 2012 in Hawaii.
Hop over to his video.  Take a minute and a half of your time to watch his story and vote.  Round 1 voting continues through June 18.  Vote as many times as you'd like (just click the 'refresh' button and vote again!).
This guy is swimming, biking, and running countless miles each week as he trains.  Surely you can click your mouse a few times and help punch his ticket to Kona.  Thanks.

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