Friday, April 6, 2012

We're Famous !!!

Okay, maybe famous isn't quite the truth... but we did make it as Sarah's Faithful Friday post.  Sarah is Orphan Advocate Extraordinaire.  She is a teen making a difference.

Sarah and her best friend, Rachel, raise money for orphans.  They use their crocheting and sewing talents to make items to sell via their blog as well as at Craft Fairs.

Sarah has computer skills that have saved me on more than one occassion.  If there's something I don't understand about my blog, she's there to answer my email's cry for help.  She is also the designer behind our Prayer Cards.

The crazy thing of it all is that Sarah and I have never actually met.  One of these days I'm going to make the 2 hour trek to her neck of the woods.  I'm sure that will happen once our Little Dude is home, if not before.

Sarah is Big Sister to 2 chromosomally blessed little brothers (both adopted from Ukraine).  There are also two other Ds adoptive families at her church who recently brought home their little boys (one from China, the other from Ukraine).  I had the pleasure of following their journeys via their blogs.

Hop over and check out Sarah's personal blog or her fundraising blog.  Offer a word or encouragement and maybe purchase an item.  Their busy little fingers have raised over $1,300 toward Lilly's adoption grant.

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