Sunday, April 8, 2012

Drumroll please...

The winner of our Shawl Giveaway was drawn by my handsome assistant.
He took his duties very seriously.

And the winner is........................................................

Theresa !!!

Theresa, my first college roommate, has been a huge encourager during our adoption process.  Actually, I'd credit her for making me believe that we really could  adopt.  (She's excellent at making you believe you can do something, but that's a whole other story.)

Three years ago I was telling Theresa about the book I was reading on adoption.  When all of a sudden, through the phone came "YOU'RE GONNA DO IT !  YOU'RE REALLY GONNA DO IT !"  (Did I mention she tends to be a little passionate about things?)

I remember that day as being the first day I really believed that adopting may be more than some crazy idea I had... that it actually just. might. happen. 
Sure, Dave and I had talked about it, but it always seemed 'in the future'.  That little kick-in-the-pants by Theresa propelled me into starting to investigate what we're need to do to adopt and talk more seriously with Dave about it.

Theresa made the first donation to our FSP (thanks for getting rid of the zeros!),  she wore her t-shirt on World Down Syndrome Day, and I know she'll be the one cheering the loudest when we get off the plane with Our Little Dude.

Congrats T.

***Many thanks to all who entered!***

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