Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I just have one thing to say... Thank You Jesus!  Kim, the woman I've been talking to in Virginia, just telephoned to say that my background check is done, she'll fax it to our HS agency today, and follow up with a hard-copy by mail.  As of yesterday, my form was MIA.  It had been 5 weeks since our HS agency had mailed it, 1 month since it was logged in to VA's system, "pending" last week when I called, and MIA yesterday.  Due to this, VA requested a copy of the form be faxed to them (which our HS agency did).  Kudos to Virginia for the less than 24 hour turn-around on this!  Despite me being a pain in Kim's butt over the past week, she's been great.  She's the Mommy of a 4yo little boy and I think she understands my "Momma Bear mode" and urgency in getting our Little Dude home.

God is Good!

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