Sunday, December 18, 2011

Madison and Dallas bound

As of 5pm Friday, our first set of documents is out of our hands.  Friday morning I was able to mail our form to USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).  This form heads to the lockbox in Dallas and then into the hands of Immigration officials who will review our Home Study, determine if we can indeed care for a child we've adopted internationally, and (hopefully) approve our request.  They will then assign us our date for digital fingerprinting.

Our packet that needs to be apostilled is sitting in a Madison FedEx facility right now (I know this because I've checked the tracking several times this weekend) and is scheduled to be delivered before 10:30 am tomorrow.

I've had to telephone the Certification Desk at our Secretary of State several times over the past few weeks to clarify things about the apostille process.  The people who've answered the phone-- yes, believe it or not you get an actual person  answering the phone, not an automated system-- have been wonderful.  They've gone beyond my expectations in answering my questions.  Now I'm hoping that these same wonderful people are having a particularly slow week and just waiting for our documents to arrive tomorrow so they can process them right away.  Hey, I can hope can't I???

On an entirely different note, our Adoption Bug t-shirt fundraiser page is up.  Adoption Bug allows us to raise funds toward our little guy's homecoming while letting you publically make a statement about Orphan Care.  I have my last minute Christmas gifts in my Adoption Bug shopping bag right now.

Speaking of Christmas, the business of collecting documents and completing paperwork has allowed less time for planning and crafting than I'd like.  Now that our documents are sent, I'm working at a fast and furious pace to complete all of the knitting and sewing projects I have queued.  I'm blessed to have a family who appreciates handmade gifts.  I really enjoy taking the time to make things for those I love.   Okay, time to get back to work.  I have 2 sewing projects that need completed before bedtime.

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