Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lilly's Birthday Bash

Somewhere in EE, hidden behind orphanage walls, lies a little girl by the name of "Lilly".  For 5 years now she's been waiting for her family to find her. 

Two teen girls-- Sarah and Rachel-- are fervently praying, advocating, and fundraising for Lilly.  Over the past 9 months, they have used their crafting talents to raise over $1,000 for Lilly's Reece's Rainbow grant.

They are currently hosting Lilly's Birthday Bash on their blog.  Their goal is to put her RR grant over the $10,000 mark... the amount where children who've been waiting indefinitely seem to find families.

This Birthday Bash continues through March 5.  Hop over and check out the items they have for sale.  And be sure to tell Sarah that Carla sent you  ;o)

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  1. Thank you soo much for blogging Carla!!! We really appreciate it!!!