Friday, March 16, 2012

I remembered I forgot

Just this morning I was reminded that I hadn't yet blogged about our "Hat Knitting Day".  We originally had this planned for February 6, but those plans went out the window when I got a better offer.  (That was the day we met our Little Dude.)

Anyhow, we rescheduled for this past Monday.  It wasn't as big of a group as when we made hats for my friend Robyn's adoption, but it was fun none-the-less.  [How can friends, food, and knitting not be fun???]  Four of us made 12 hats and Aunt Heather had made and sent an additional 3.  My friend Kim has a few more to add to the count but a sick kiddo prevented her from joining us.

These hats will be a gift to the children at our Little Dude's orphanage... those still waiting for their Mommy and Daddy to find them.  While it would be nice to take a hat for each of the kids left behind, it would be even better if they each got a Mommy & Daddy!


  1. Approx. how many kids are going to be left behind?

    Those hats look awesome! Bummed I couldn't make it!

    1. Sarah-- When we were there, they said that right now there are about 50 babies/toddlers (0-4yo) at this Baby House. They have room for 120 though.

    2. Ok! Me and Rachel are going to try and get some done tonight so we'll see what we can come up with!!!

  2. I know I cannot knit - not even a little - but the hats you made for us to bring to China were such a blessing. I will be dropping off some not-so-handmade hats for those llittle ones still waiting.