Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another chance to shine

Unfortunately our Secretary of State's office has yet another opportunity to dazzle us with their superior service.  I'm so thankful that they've done such a great job completing our apostilling, but I really was hoping Monday's documents were the last they'd see from us for a while.

In proofing our completed (apostilled) documents, our adoption agency found that the City Assessor had made an error and put the date of March 23 on his letter (which was written and notarized  on March 22).  While I triple checked the notary's date-- yeah, International Adoption tends to bring out some OCD tendencies in a person-- I never looked at the date on the top of the letter.
Anyhow, our Assessor was apologetic and re-did it this morning.  We've already been to FedEx, so the SOS should get the letters in the morning and hopefully they'll be completed and arrive at our agency early Friday.

On a different note, another possible issue is with our deed.  Our county does not use street addresses anywhere on a deed-- only parcel number and lot descriptor.  While it's easy enough to cross-reference the Assessor's Letter (since it has parcel number, lot descriptor, and  street address), we're not sure that will fly with the judge... So we'll submit it as is and see what she says.  If she wants more/different info, then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So that's where we're at... waiting...
...and again, I'm hoping and praying for a quick turn-around by the SOS, that the documents will look good, and soon be in the judge's hands!


  1. That stinks! Hope they are cooperative again!

  2. How frustrating! I'm glad they got it fixed quickly and hope you don't have any more delays!!!!!

    p.s. we hopped over from the blog hop :)