Saturday, March 24, 2012

3 More Requirements

Our Little Dude's region added 3 more required documents.  (This is in addition to the ones we sent last week.  It applies to all families adopting from the region and is not the list we'll get from the judge once she reviews our packet.)

Our Social Worker called with this little bit of info on Thursday afternoon.  From what I understand, regions continually revise the list of requirements, so this request isn't that out-of-the-ordinary.

The 3 requirements (all in duplicate, notarized, and apostilled of course!):
     1.  a certified copy of our house deed
     2.  an assessor's letter
     3.  a copy of our 1040 Tax Form from 2011

When getting birth and marriage certificates from our County's Register of Deeds in January, I (thankfully) had the foresight to also get two certified copies of our house deed.

A phone call to our City Assessor and he had the notarized letter waiting for pick-up within an hour.

And Thursday evening, Dave was able to e-file our taxes.  The question probably didn't cross your mind, but in case it did... Our tax form itself is not notarized.  We complete an affidavit statement and attach it to the 1040, basically stating that it is a true and unaltered copy of our original tax form.  We sign that in front of a notary then she signs stating that we have proven our identity and subscribed it before her.

I was able to take the envelope to FedEx yesterday, so it should arrive at the Secretary of State's office for apostilling on Monday morning.  Hopefully it will be completed on Monday, get to our adoption agency on Tuesday, then head to EE ASAP!

Just another hoop, my friends.  Just another hoop!

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