Friday, March 2, 2012

And it's outta here!

... our packet of court documents, that is.  Woo Hoo!
This morning, after a quick trip to the bank to get the last 16 documents notarized, I sorted, checked, and rechecked (... and rechecked... and rechecked... and rechecked) the documents before heading to FedEx.
  • application to the court to adopt our Little Dude-- check
  • bio boys' birth certificates-- check
  • medical letters for the 4 of us-- check
  • psych evals-- check
  • physicians' licenses-- check
  • labs and x-ray results-- check
  • USCIS approval-- check
  • financial status-- check
  • living conditions-- check
  • and 2 copies of  a whole bunch of other documents-- check

The documents will be delivered to our Secretary of State's office on Monday morning and be apostilled.  They will then be sent to our adoption agency.  Once received there, they will again go over everything with a fine-toothed comb.  (I had scanned and emailed the un-apostilled completed forms to be proofed this week.)

If all looks good, the documents will be sent to our Little Dude's country.  They will then be translated and delivered to the MOES (I think... or whoever these ones go to).  The documents will be reviewed and if everything looks satisfactory, we'll be issued a court date.

Here's hoping and praying that everything looks good and moves through this process quickly!

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  1. Awesome! You must be so excited!!

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