Sunday, January 15, 2012

My weekend project

I spent a good chunk of this weekend sewing.    I really hadn't planned it that way, but once my creative juices got flowing (and the boys were busy playing with Daddy), it just kinda happened...
...or maybe it was my attempt at avoiding housework ???  Either way, it was fun and productive.

The project?  A quilt for our Little Dude.

The center block has his photo and the four corner blocks are of us.  Across the top it says "My Family" and the bottom says "Daddy, Mommy, brother _____, and brother _____ love you."

We'll take this to leave with our Little Dude until we're able to return for court and free him from orphanage life forever.

Hopefully our dossier was delivered to the MOES last week and we will receive news that it's been "registered" this week.  Once registered, it will be a few weeks until we receive our travel date and will head to EE a few weeks after that.  It's surreal to think that not only could we be half way around the world next month, we'll also be finally holding our Little Dude.  For the first time in his life he'll experience the love of a Daddy and Mommy.  God is a-maz-ing.  I am blessed.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! So exciting...

  2. I saw this at your house last Tuesday! Love it!