Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just keep knitting...knitting...knitting...

It's no big secret that I enjoy anything handmade-- and especially handknit.  I love the process of crafting gifts for those dear to me... from the moment an idea starts rolling around in my brain until it's presented to it's rightful owner. 

Now that my Christmas projects are done, I've started on some gifts we'll take when we travel.  It's a common (and expected) practice to take gifts for those who assist you along your journey... our interpreter... our driver... the orphanage director... you get the picture.  Because we'll be making at least 2 and probably 3 trips before actually bringing our little guy home, we'll need multiple gifts.  Something 'trinkety' during the first trip and more substantial gifts when we actually take custody of our Little Dude.  Our Social Worker told me that a handmade gift would be welcomed as they appreciate the thought and time put into it.  If it's something useful and warm-- like a hat, scarf, or mittens-- then bonus!

Let the knitting begin.

Currently I'm working on Infinity Scarves.  I have yarn designated for 5 of them and will accent each with a satin flower pin (also handmade).  I'm not completely sure who will be the recipients of these particular gifts, but right now in my mind at least two or three of them will be for our little guy's nannies.

While we're hoping and praying that our Little Dude is loved and well cared for within the orphanage walls, we have no way of knowing that right now.  Our little guy will be the first Ds adoption that our agency has had in his region.  There are no families who have gone before to tell what they saw.  I'm not going to receive photo another mom was able to snap while adopting her child.  Instead, it will be our first trip when we get these answers.

I really don't how I'll feel if I witness our little guy's nanny being less than kind and loving toward him.  I have a feeling that Momma Bear may need to be restrained.  Seriously though, I'm hoping that inspite of anything, I'll be able to show her (them) love and gratitude.  These caregivers are overextended and under resourced. 

Another project occupying my needles right now is a shawl.  I'm a total sucker for a handknit shawl.  I LOVE them all... lace, triangle, Faroese, rectangle, garter, stockinette, circular...
I received some natural/undyed worsted weight wool as a Christmas gift and have cast-on another modified Mara (knitting friends- check out my Ravelry page if you want the specifics).  This will be my traveling shawl.  It'll make the trip to EE with us.  The squishiness of garter stitch will not only provide warmth but serve as a nice pillow on the airplane.

I guess I'm not getting any closer to finishing either project by sitting here at the computer... gotta go knit!

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  1. Ohhh that's soo pretty! I love the Mara too! I wish I knit! :)

    Ya, I agree, I'm not getting any much more done on my project while sitting here at the computer. :)