Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I LOVE about our Little Dude's country... (an evolving list)

1.  Tea.  While staying with our host family, there was always a pot of tea on the table during meals and snacks.  Since our return home, I've pulled out my teapot (bye bye Keurig and microwave for making tea) and am enjoying the tradition as much as the beverage itself.

2.  Coffee and Tea are actually served hot.  I'm not talking about our litigious American idea of "hot" as in 'your drive-thru beverage will only be slightly warmer than body temperature since you may be a total idiot and put your coffee between your legs then sue me when you get burned'. 
The same goes for the temperature of the bath water.  I honestly think I've brewed tea with cooler water than is pouring from their spigots.

3.   PETA is non-existent.  All of you animal rights people can hate me for saying this, but there is really no denying the beauty and warmth of a fur coat.  Fur.  The real McCoy.  The number of full-length sables and minks being sported as part of everyday attire is astounding.  Even the trim on puffer jackets is gen-u-ine... none of the matted acrylic stuff here. 
disclaimer:  This is my own opinion.  You are free to have your own and voice it.  Just do so on your own blog.  Thank you.

4.  Chocolate.  It's good.  But I challenge you to find a place in the world that has chocolate that I wouldn't like.  Enough said.

(check back for future additions to this list)

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  1. you make me smile.....oh and as to PETA... ya don't kick your dog and all that...but man you are right about the fur....and steak....oh ya that is excellent...