Monday, February 6, 2012

The list of things that really aren't funny unless you're sleep deprived... then they're HI-LAR-I-OUS!

#1.  Your husband answering the train lady's question in Spanish.  "Si" would have been totally  appropriate if we were in South America instead of Eastern Europe.

#2.  Your husband praying at dinner and thanking God for safety driving to/from the orphanage today and knowing Anya's driving would put most Nascar drivers to shame.

#3.  The literal translation of a menu from native language to English.  eg. "Soup-noodles with a hen"

---  stay tuned for more!  ---


  1. These are funny....even not sleep deprived, but you are torturing me waiting to details on your visit;)

  2. YESSSSS - feeling tortured in WI waiting for the details of your visit.

  3. Hahaha Dad has tried to use Spanish many many times over there. Doesn't work so well! :)