Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For the Curious

More than one person has asked about the vest that I said I was knitting.  Here is the finished product:
This photo isn't the best for giving the color or detail of the cable.  The cable I chose is the Hugs & Kisses/XOXO cable. 

I think it'll be big on our little guy.  I tried it on our bio 4yo (who's small for his age) and there's definitely room to grow.  Having spent his first 4 years in an orphanage, we're fully expecting our little guy to be on the small side when he first comes home.

The one thing knitting this did for me is to set in my mind how big he actually is.  We have one photo and I'm guessing he's no more than 2yo in it.  It's hard to picture him any different size/age than that.

My brain has already been planning the color scheme for his next vest.  I'm hoping to do one a size smaller before our first trip... and maybe hats to match.

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