Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What have YOU done the the past 365 days?

 It has been a year of learning and growing for our Little Dude...
  • He is a little boy who knows who his Daddy and Mommy are.  He is strongly attached and shows no fear of abandonment.  (This is HUGE for a child who spent his first 4+ years in an orphanage.)
  • He's topping the scale at 34.5# (a gain of 11.5#) and now stands 37" (an EIGHT inch growth!).  He, most likely, will soon be our middle child in both age and  size.
  • Needless to say, he came home in 18 month clothing and now fills out a 3T.
  • His vision has been corrected with the addition of glasses. 
  • He's lost his adenoids, but gained ear tubes. 
  • The 4 teeth that were missing at homecoming have now appeared and it looks like at least 1/3 of our boys has braces in his future.
  • This little one knows Mommy's kisses cure a multitude of injuries and willingly seeks them when bumps and bruises occur. (Again, this is especially important in a child who has been institutionalized.)
  • He is the most enthusiastic waiver when Daddy leaves in the morning and returns in the evening.
  • Spoken language is slowly progressing.  Immediate family best understands his combination of signs and words.
  • He has an amazing comprehension of both verbal and non-verbal language.
  • He's a typical American boy... he loves imitating someone if they burp, and just the other day laughed when his brother said "butt cheek".
  • The boy has opinions and isn't afraid to express them.
On July 10, 2012, we walked out the Baby House doors.  An orphan's bed laid cold, while a son snuggled against his mother on a train bound for Moscow.  A journey that started just one year ago, yet seems as if it has always been...
... just as God planned.
Son. Brother. Friend. Loved.


  1. It has been a beautiful thing to watch ... beautiful, encouraging, humbling ... praising the One who in His infinite wisdom has designed families in such amazing ways!

  2. Amazing! Beautiful! Can't help but wonder what the next 365 days forgot to add to the list, "Has captivated an entire church's hearts";)